John Hood is a Portfolio Manager with Croft Financial Group

Why did John close JC Hood Investment Counsel and merge with Croft Financial Group?
What if John got hit by a bus?

Is John still my Portfolio Manager at Croft Financial Group?
Yes.John's license has been transferred to Croft Financial Group and he continues to manage his current clients' portfolios and new clients as well.
John always had a list of investments that he would not purchase eg hedge funds/private equity/partnerships/IPOs.These higher risk or illiquid investments are still on my 'no buy'

What is John's new contact INFO?
John's new business email is
His tel. remains the same as does his home office in Pickering.
His personal email remains as  


June Newsletter

In 2023 We Celebrated:
- 12 years as a guest on BNN
- 22 years as a fully independent portfolio manager
- 42 years in financial services