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Dec. 2013
The fact that today the Fed decided to taper earlier than anticipated indicates that the economy is improving and that employment............

Nov. 2013
How Asset Allocation is Expressed in Client Monthly Statements .. .............

Oct. 2013
The ‘debt ceiling’ has predictably been kicked down the road again amid disgraceful partisan tribal dancing. .. .............

Sept 2013
I delayed this newsletter as I wanted to hear the Feds comments last week on ‘tapering’ as well as see the results of the German election, .. .............

Aug 2013
September is often one of the more volatile months and this could certainly be exacerbated by events unfolding in Syria depending on the level of US involvement.. .............

July 2013
While U.S. markets have not been quite as bullish as we saw earlier and there are often seasonal doldrums at this time of year, we remain positive on US markets. .............

June 2013
In your July statement, you will receive notice of the various fees charged by NBCN; most of these however are irrelevant to us as we don’t engage in most of these types of transactions .............

May. 2013
We have already begun our quarterly review of your portfolios. We do this to make sure that your asset allocation .............

Apr. 2013
The Markets and GOLD: One of the things that I enjoy about these interviews is that you never quite know what to expect nor who .............

Jan. 2013
Glossary of ETFs: When I’m reviewing your portfolios, I use the online CROESUS system from NBCN.


The firms investment strategy, focusing on ETFs and covered calls, has often been featured in the media.

John has appeared on BNN to describe covered call writing as well as to talk about coming trends in ETFs. He has also been mentioned in the many articles in the financial press.. He has been quoted in both Rob Carricks column in the Globe and several times in Jonathan Chevreau's work at the Post and in the Dow Jones Canada Newswire.

John has wrtten several articles including those that were published in the Barclays Global Advisor website,ishares.ca , the Financial Forum newsletter and in Pension and Benefits Monitor.

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