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December 2011
Markets. In the October and November newsletters, I wrote about ‘waiting to exhale’ and Euro fatigue. At last, markets have exhaled! While the Euro mess will take years to fix and require an enormous shift in a culture of dependency, the markets are reacting positively............

Nov. Newsletter
Markets; EURO FATIGUE!! It’s as persistent as the Asian flu. In my last newsletter, I suggested that we were all “Waiting to exhale” and we still are! Talk about politicians fiddling while Rome burns!

October 2011
Waiting to Exhale! While the financial world is panting in anticipation for a great panacea to resolve the EU’s debt woes today, at the very least a Euro TARP, I expect the outcome will be somewhat disappointing......

September 2011
Europe’s politicians have always been fine curators but feeble economists.....

August 2011
Because of market volatility over the past two days, I have written the Newsletter a little earlier than usual to describe our response.......

July 2011
Whenever I return from holidays, I am always intrigued by the fact the so much financial reporting is redundant and so many financial issues are undigested..............


The firms investment strategy, focusing on ETFs and covered calls, has often been featured in the media.

John has appeared on BNN to describe covered call writing as well as to talk about coming trends in ETFs. He has also been mentioned in the many articles in the financial press.. He has been quoted in both Rob Carricks column in the Globe and several times in Jonathan Chevreau's work at the Post and in the Dow Jones Canada Newswire.

John has wrtten several articles including those that were published in the Barclays Global Advisor website,ishares.ca , the Financial Forum newsletter and in Pension and Benefits Monitor.

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