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Wealth Management:

Customized Portfolios
Investing with ETFs
Tax Efficiency
Low Costs/No Commissions
The J.C. Hood Difference

What are your fees?

At J.C. Hood Investment Counsel, we are jointly registered as Portfolio Managers, as such we have a fiduciary responsibilty to our clients. As Portfolio Manager, we are fee-based advisors and entitled to charge a fee for our services based upon the amount of assets being managed; we are not allowed to collect any commissions for our services. Our fees grow only as your assets grow.

As Portfolio Managers our license is the same as that of pension fund or other fund managers; that is, we manage your money, not just sell you investments. After we clearly define your objectives and asset allocation, we will begin to manage your investments on your behalf. For accounts under $1 million, our fee for this service is 1% annually, plus transaction/ETF costs of 0.2% for a total fee of 1.2% on accounts of $250,000-$1,000,000. For accounts over $1 million, fees are .8%. Unlike many other Portfolio Managers, we welcome family accounts with combined investment assets over $250,000.

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