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Wealth Management:

Customized Portfolios
Investing with ETFs
Tax Efficiency
Low Costs/No Commissions
The J.C. Hood Difference

Customized Portfolios

Our clients assets are not pooled they are individually managed.
Most clients enquiring about our firm, usually have a portfolio of mutual funds or one of the 'multi-manager wrap accounts'. Quite apart from the high cost of these plans, they frequently have a similar asset mix irrespective of the clients age, risk tolerance or objectives. For individuals approaching retirement age, their priorities are tax advantaged income and capital preservation. I have often found that clients portfolio are overweighted in Canadian and global markets, but have ignored U S equities. For the past several years our portfolios have been overweight US equities. For individuals wanting a growth portfolio, these international assets or industry sectors can be added to their portfolio without added currency risk and at much lower costs by using currency hedged ETF's.

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