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John Hood, Pres/Portfolio Manager
John Hood B.A, M.A, F.C.S.I - Portfolio Manager
John Hood BA,MA,FCSI, Portfolio Manager, was first registered in the securities industry in 1980 and has had extensive trading experience both in equities and derivatives, as well as sixteen years as President and Chief Portfolio Manager at this firm. His academic credits include a B.A. and M.A. as well as three years of research towards a Ph.D. in military/defence policy analysis.

When investors first approach our firm they are often very tentative because;
  • investors are questioning whether the advice has been in their best interest
  • investment costs are too high
  • no one seems to be actually managing and taking care of their portfolio other than during RRSP season.
    Most portfolios that we see are a confusing hodgepodge of mutual funds that investors feel that they have lost control over. Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some ,like ourselves, are business owners too pressed for time to manage their investments .Many are individuals who would much rather spend their day at the golf course rather than dedicating their free time to investing. All of our clients want to feel that their portfolio is designed for their needs and that someone, a professional portfolio manger, is actually managing it, not just selling them investments,

    At JC Hood Investment Counsel, we are licensed Portfolio Managers; we manage your money, commission free, at an all inclusive fee of 1% annually (.80% over 1MM) plus ETF expenses. Our objective is to provide investors with superior long term performance with the lowest possible investment costs. We believe very strongly that high investment costs are a huge impediment to capital growth. We believe that investors value clarity, the ability to understand the strategy and direction of their retirement assets. We use ETFs (exchange traded funds) extensively; ETFs are based upon an underlying index, whether the TSX, the S&P500 or a global or market sector index. This not only helps to keep our fees low but they greatly simplify your portfolio and your ability to monitor it's performance.


    Since Sept.2000, we have brought Private Wealth Management services to the mid-range as well as to the high net worth investor .Most client portfolios including both RRSP and non-registered assets are between $300,000 to $3,000,000 with about $700,000 as the median account size.

    Frequently published in the financial press, newspapers and magazines. Ongoing TV appearances on BNN.

    Professional Fees
  • Fees are 1% for combined family assets of $250k to $1mm, then 0.08% above $1mm.We estimate that MERs on ETFs will average app 0.15%.Fees are generally tax deductible in non registered accounts but check with your CA.

    Professional Associations
  • Portfolio Managers Association of Canada
  • Member of the Toronto CFA Society, formerly the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts
  • Member of the US-based CFA Institute
  • Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute

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